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On Board Ship


Celelbrity Sosltice Sunset Bar

(photo courtesy of Cruise Critic)


Stuff to do as a group onboard ship

Date Event Status Organizer
9/22 Informal Meet and Greet Open to all Mutual
  Knitting etc Group Open LisaH101

Informal Meet and Greet after Muster Drill Sunset bar

Just meet and say hi - put a face to the screen name - coordinate details on shared tours.
It's been suggestd to wear Mardi Gras beads to help recognize each other.

Knitting, etc - LisaH101

Anyone who wants to socialize while crafting is welcome to join. Meet on sea days from 10am -noon at the alcoves in the Martini bar.

  1. LisaH101 - Lisa






Updated June 12, 2016