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Celelbrity Equinox Sunset Bar

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Stuff to do as a group onboard ship

Date Event Status Organizer
  Informal Meet and Greet Open to all Mutual
  Slot Pull Open Teknofauz & Zelker
11/2 Silk Harvest Dinner Full Zelker

Informal Meet and Greet after Muster Drill Sunset bar (Deck 15 back of the ship behind the lawn club)

Just meet and say hi - put a face to the screen name - coordinate details on shared tours.
It's been suggestd to wear Mardi Gras beads to help recognize each other.

Slot Pull

Teknofauz (Nancy and Joe) and Zelker (Barb and John) are hosting a slot pull!

We're hoping to do this on Thursday, November 3rd, 10:00 a.m. but final details will be determined once we talk to the casino manager.

So here's the scoop!

  • The buy-in is $15 per person (please bring $5 and $10 bills only - no singles), paid to one of the four of us in the casino just prior to the start of the slot pull. We'll keep track of who has paid and the order in which you paid, which will then determine the order of the pulls.

  • Once the first pull has been made, the slot pull is closed to any further participants. We will cap the number of participants at 70.

  • Each person will get five (5) pulls on a dollar slot machine. You must bet the maximum $3/pull each time. You do not cash out after your pulls. One of us will record the total of your 5 pulls.

  • No cash-out will happen until everyone has had their turn. Then the total will be divided between all paying participants. If there is leftover money that won't divide evenly among all participants, that money will be split between the person who accumulates the highest number of points and the person who accumulates the lowest number of points. (Example: we have 47 participants and we have $1,433 on the slot machine at the end. $1,433 divided by 47 participants = $30.48 per person so each person will get $30, which leaves $0.48. Multiply $0.48 by 47 people which leaves a $22.99 overage which will be split evenly between the person who accumulated the highest number of points and the person who accumulated the lowest number of points so those two people will each get $11.50).
If you wish to participate, we need your Cruise Critic name, your name, and your cabin # in case there is a change to the schedule so we can notify you.

The more the merrier - so come join us! This is a fun event with a chance to win a few bucks (remember - no guarantees though)! Even if you're not going to play, we highly encourage everyone to come and cheer on the slot pullers and mingle with others from the roll call!


snowbirdrose - Anne - 9320
Matondo - David & Tammy - 7125
Just love 2 cruise - Jan - 9301
Florencefr - John & Florence - 1651
readingisfun - Linda & Ken - 8208
bevlucas7 - Ron & Bev - 1050
AKN - Larry & Paula - 7311
Gustavius - Peg & Frank - 9208
aneka - John & Annette - 8281
Jzvegas -Joyce - 7284
Lexie59 - Vicki - 7280
Cruisercl - Caron - 7157
Wave Rider - Jeff & Mary - 1633
emileg - Krys - 7317
honeyb085 - Sam & Betty - 8192
Cosmic Rays - Colin - 7173

Silk Harvest Dinner - Zelker

I think it would be fun to do a family-style group dinner in Silk Harvest once we hit our stretch of sea days. I'm going to shoot for November 2nd but will have to wait until we're onboard to work out the details with the maître d'.

So who wants to join us? If you're interested, be one of the first 20 people to sign up. Be sure to include your Cruise Critic name, your first name(s), and your cabin number so I can contact you with details once we're onboard as well as share the list with the maître d' so they can bill each person's cabin.

In case you're not familiar with Silk Harvest, it seems to get rave reviews on CC. And here's a link (when it's working ) that gives info and menus:

To those of you participating, if you happen to change your cabin, please let me know what the new cabin number is so that once I have this all confirmed with the maître d', I can leave you a message with the details. As a reminder, I am hoping they'll be able to accommodate us on November 2nd between 6:30 and 7:00.

Looking forward to a fun evening!!

zelker - Barb & John - 1239
Cruisercl - Caron - 7157
Duke429 - Eileen & Jeff - 1116
snowbirdrose - Anne - 9320
Teknofauz - Nancy & Joe - 8291
Just love 2 cruise - Jan - 9301
ECBSAB - Eileen & Steve - 7292
Lisah101 - Lisa & Kathy - TBD
readingisfun - Linda & Ken - 8208
spiritforculture - Beth - 1221
Warmer Climes - Barb & Bill - 8106
merlin5353 - John & Carolyn - 9298




Updated May 3, 2016